Cat And Dog Quotes

Cat And Dog Quotes by Nick Clooney, Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Russell Simmons, Abraham Lincoln, Eloisa James and many others.

Whatever its other limitations, the Big Apple and those

Whatever its other limitations, the Big Apple and those who live there make room for their dogs and cats, take good care of them and abide by the rules made necessary by a huge population.
Nick Clooney
It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
Mark Twain
I know Sir John will go, though he was sure it would rain cats and dogs.
Jonathan Swift
Cruelty is cruelty, whether it’s cruelty to children, to the elderly, to dogs and cats, or to chickens.
Russell Simmons
I care not much for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.
Abraham Lincoln
Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.
Eloisa James
People who hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life.
Faye Resnick
What I used to do between writing fits was feed my kids, ride my horse and go shopping for cat and dog food.
Anne McCaffrey
Whenever you wash dishes, cook, or clean, if you make no sound, this is smartness itself. A person who enters a house and makes a lot of noise is revealing a lack of spirituality; even cats and dogs do not make unnecessary sounds, and man as he naturally is does not make any either.
Michio Kushi
Personally, I would not give a fig for any man’s religion whose horse, cat and dog do not feel its benefits. Life in any form is our perpetual responsibility.
S. Parkes Cadman
Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons.
Robertson Davies
There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
Bernard Williams
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
Immanuel Kant
Once when I had remarked on the affection quite often found between cat and dog, my friend replied, “Yes. But I bet no dog would ever confess it to the other dogs.
C. S. Lewis
To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs.
Aldous Huxley
Older people exude bundles of sexuality. Older men and women tend not run around like cats and dogs in heat.
Jacqueline Bisset
Of all God’s creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.
Mark Twain