Boys And Girls Quotes

Boys And Girls Quotes by Christina Hoff Sommers, Robert Webb, Robert Snodgrass, Pepa, Anushka Sharma, Junior Seau and many others.

Toy companies aren't interested in ideology, they want

Toy companies aren’t interested in ideology, they want to sell toys. If they would sell a toy that both boys and girls would buy, it doubles profits.
Christina Hoff Sommers
Feminism isn’t about hating men. It’s about challenging the absurd gender distinctions that boys and girls learn from childhood and carry into their adult lives.
Robert Webb
Luckily, I have a thing inside me that I wake up and I am happy every day. But boys and girls want to live the dream and are looking at everything you do on a day-to-day basis.
Robert Snodgrass
Parents need to sit down with their boys and girls and tell them how to carry themselves and tell the boys how to respect women and respect yourself and know who you are.
I have never been a girlie girl and have always been a boys’ girl with an equal amount of friends who were boys and girls.
Anushka Sharma
The Boys and Girls Club taught me a lot about sportsmanship, humility, self-respect.
Junior Seau
There is no longer a doubt that women are just as competent as men. Gender differences are guided by nurture, as society treats boys and girls differently from an early age.
Naveen Jain
In every school, there’s always the kid who gets it the worst, and I was, for sure, that kid. Every time you had to get in a line that was boys and girls, it was like my worst nightmare. A lot of kids I know got made fun of for being gay; that was not my issue: I was just called a girl endlessly.
Justin Tranter
I have lots of fans, they are mostly under the age of 12, boys and girls.
Ian Mckellen
You should have the same rules for boys and girls at homes. You should ask them the same questions because there is a defect in the way we are raising our kids. You have to give them the same liberties, the same treatment, and the same freedom.
Mahima Chaudhry
It’s up to us to take pop culture back and to express quality and dignity for both boys and girls.
Ashley Judd
S Club 7, in some ways, was a continuation of some of the things I’d have liked to have done with the Spice Girls. It was also a shift in tone. S Club was this equality of boys and girls, very positive, very uplifting, didn’t have the edge of the Spice Girls. I didn’t want to repeat it.
Simon Fuller
The one thing you dont want to do is deny young boys and girls, people that want to play the game and support the game, the opportunity to do so because of limited spots.
Angelos Postecoglou
When I was a young man, I worked at the Boys and Girls Club in St. Louis, Missouri, and another boys club called Matthews-Dickey.
Sterling K. Brown
Boys and girls, have confidence in the direction and counsel and advice of your parents and grandparents who love you more than anybody else in the world does.
James E. Faust
I’d love to open up sessions at a Boys and Girls Club or something where kids can learn nutrition and how to exercise in a fun way. Especially for young guys. I’d love to be an inspiration.
James Maslow
I was totally picked on, but look at me now! I was definitely picked on by boys and girls. I was really lanky and skinny and the boys would say, ‘Turn sideways and stick out your tongue, you look like a zipper.’
Krysten Ritter