Blessings And Curses Quotes

Blessings And Curses Quotes by Liza Weil, Seneca the Younger, Kwame Dawes and many others.

The interesting thing about a lot of serialized televis

The interesting thing about a lot of serialized television is that it’s a blessing and curse. Smart writers really take their time in investing in backstories and characters. As a viewer, you have to invest in them and love them before you can chip away at what’s going on more on a deeper level with secondary characters.
Liza Weil
Death either destroys or unhusks us. If it means liberation, better things await us when our burden s gone: if destruction, nothing at all awaits us; blessings and curses are abolished.
Seneca the Younger
One of the blessings and curses of my life is that I carry so many projects at the same time.
Kwame Dawes