Between The Lines Quotes

Between The Lines Quotes by Karen Kingsbury, Sergio Leone, Amos Bronson Alcott, Beanie Sigel, James Vance, Giancarlo Esposito and many others.

Readers need to see themselves between the lines of the

Readers need to see themselves between the lines of the story.
Karen Kingsbury
Cinema through spectacle, through the entertainment of spectacle, tells the story of many actual problems in life. Because who ever doesn’t want to read between the lines can just enjoy the entertainment and the show and can go home happy.
Sergio Leone
Yet the deepest truths are best read between the lines, and, for the most part, refuse to be written.
Amos Bronson Alcott
I ain’t the captain of the yacht, but I’m on the boat; I ain’t acting what I’m not, knowing that I don’t. You niggaz acting like you will, but I know you won’t. Man, I read between the lines of the eyes of your brows, Your handshake ain’t matchin your smile.
Beanie Sigel
For all the idealism that propels him through the story, if you read between the lines you may see that at a moment which he considers a defining point in his life as an activist, he’s also set the stage for potential ugliness down the road.
James Vance
For me, listening to my breath in between the lines, allows me to be in deep connection to my spirit.
Giancarlo Esposito
I’ve always believed that if you are precise in your thoughts, it’s not the lines you say that are important – it’s what exists between the lines. What I’m compelled by most is that transparency of thought, what is left unspoken.
Vera Farmiga
Brother Kendrick Lamar: he’s not a rapper, he’s a writer, he’s an author. And if you read between the lines, we’ll learn how to love one another. But you can’t do that, I said you can’t do that, without loving yourself first.
Kendrick Lamar
It’s a bold statement but I think people need to read between the lines.
It is?classic Bill Clinton, sincere and deceptive at the same time, requiring a careful reading between the lines.
David Maraniss
I was raised on the good book Jesus Till I read between the lines Now I don’t believe I ever wanna see the morning
Laura Nyro
Most of the films I myself like don’t do very well. Every director, he has a choice, whether to go for subtlety and try to articulate every minute detail, or to go for the broad strokes and hope that the people will fill in between the lines. I tend to go for the broader strokes.
Sylvester Stallone
Inside the book between the lines, was a place to rest and absorb the magic
I thought I could rely on the plot in the novel and fill in the colour between the lines, but I made a mistake with that assumption. It was really, really hard because you pull a few things apart and then you realise how everything relies on everything else and it can all fall apart.
Ben Affleck
I phoned Joe Roth, who was head of the studio at the time, and told him how beautiful the film was, and that I was fully ready to support it, that Michael’s work was wonderful and I imagined that Daniel would feel the same. He listened quietly and read between the lines.
Madeleine Stowe
I think that learning to read between the lines of traditional media is one way to stay informed, and also realizing that eventually you’re going to have to cross-reference all sorts of different information coming from different sources.
Immortal Technique
People have a responsibility, especially with today’s media, to read between the lines.
Rob Lowe