Becoming A Man Quotes

Becoming A Man Quotes by Kevin Bacon, Albert Camus, J. D. Salinger, Albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Dr. Seuss and many others.

If you look at films about becoming a man, coming-of-ag

If you look at films about becoming a man, coming-of-age movies are made with 12-, 16-, 40-, 50-year-olds… For a guy to feel like hes a 100 percent grown-up is almost like giving up. Like admitting that youre on your way into the grave.
Kevin Bacon
There always comes a time when one must choose between contemplation and action. This is called becoming a man.
Albert Camus
You take a really sleepy man, Esmé, and he always stands a chance of again becoming a man with all his fac — with all his f-a-c-u-l-t-i-e-s intact.
J. D. Salinger
Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value. Look around at how people want to get more out of life than they put in. A man of value will give more than he receives. Be creative, but make sure that what you create is not a curse for mankind.
Albert Einstein
All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.
Oscar Wilde
He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.
Dr. Seuss
The philosopher spends in becoming a man the time which the ambitious man spends in becoming a personage.
Philibert Joseph Roux
I don’t want to talk in terms of miracles. I think this is a very serious situation. But I do want to talk in terms of Bush becoming a man of the hour, and I think this is way to do it.
F. Murray Abraham
There’s nobody to guide through the process of becoming a man… to explain to them the meaning of manhood. And that’s a recipe for disaster.
Barack Obama
For me, becoming a man had a lot to do with learning communication, and I learned about that by acting.
Adam Driver
Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry.
Gloria Steinem
I honor anybody who wants to be a man and do the work of becoming a man. I honor anyone who mindfully becomes a woman. That’s cool. But, I really don’t get how there’s only two choices. There’s no two of anything else in the entire universe; why should there only be two genders? I don’t get it.
Kate Bornstein
I was kosher until I had my Bar Mitzvah, and I parlayed officially becoming a man into telling my father I wanted to eat cheeseburgers.
Zach Braff
Midnight passes and I’m twenty-five days and a million years from becoming a man.
Patrick Ness
Girls are losing their virginity at 15, 16. I’m not promoting that. But my songs are talking… about me becoming a man.
Chris Brown
I wanted to play in the NBA, I wanted to play sports, I wanted to do all this. And I have. I think I am becoming a man.
Blake Griffin
It was really an exciting time trying to find my way from being a boy to becoming a manВ—being toe to toe and eye to eye with grown men, even though I was only 11 or 12.
Karch Kiraly