Back In Time Quotes

Back In Time Quotes by Robert Rodriguez, Oliver Sykes, Thomas Roberts, Andy Andrews, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ruth Ozeki and many others.

I wish I could freeze time or go back in time and watch

I wish I could freeze time or go back in time and watch my kids grow up all over again because it is just going by too fast.
Robert Rodriguez
Go back in time. Next question go and look at dinosaurs. I would be sitting on a rock looking at a T- Rex, loving life.
Oliver Sykes
I get out of all of these things that many of these candidates would rather take legislation to build a time machine and go back in time to where, uh, we had, you know, no women voting, slavery was cool. I mean, it’s just kind of ridiculous.
Thomas Roberts
People tend to read books about a guy who goes back in time or a guy who is living under a pier.
Andy Andrews
When you lose a lover it’s like getting a bad haircut. It grows back in time.
Sammy Davis, Jr.
What if I travel so far away in my dreams that I can’t get back in time to wake up?
Ruth Ozeki
If you try to pop the unpopped kernels in the microwave, you go back in time.
Gary Gulman
Acting is a challenge at times. I mean, when you have scenes where you’re jumping into a mascot bear to travel back in time, and you try to make that seem real. For me, I’m a person that has a pretty wild imagination, just kind of letting that run wild and sort of just doing the best you can to not feel stupid.
Josh Hutcherson
Time moves on. You can’t go back in time. Everything has a consequence, and the last episode of the last season is no exception.
Jon Hamm
But if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do a single thing differently. What if all those things I did were the things that got me here?
Cheryl Strayed
I am not the man I once was. I do not want to go back in time, to be the second son, the second man.
Vasco da Gama
Imagine the wheel of time turning in a seemingly endless round, revealing that the beginning is the end of another beginning. This is the cyclic nature of the inward journey of creativity, which is by nature back and down – back in time and down into the soul’s depths.
Phil Cousineau
The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not going to run for governor. You know what would be better? Arnold should do what he does in the Terminator movies. He should go back in time and prevent Gray Davis from ever being born. That way you wouldn’t have the problem.
Jay Leno
We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.
Jeremy Irons
Arnold was on the ‘Today’ show today, he was a little light on specifics. He said he could solve California’s $38 billion budget deficit, without cutting spending or raising taxes because there was a third way. What is it? Let’s just say it involves a robot going back in time to convince Gray Davis to go into dentistry.
Bill Maher
I always liked it when people go back in time to discover things about themselves, like with ‘A Christmas Carol’ and you’re getting a tour of your life by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.
John Cusack
If I could go back in time to change stuff? Oh yeah, there’s a few movies I would not have done.
C. Thomas Howell