Anti War Movement Quotes

Anti War Movement Quotes by Joan Halifax, Russell Banks, Simi Linton, Naomi Klein, Jonathan Raban, Bill Ayers and many others.

My work has been in the field of engaged Buddhism. That

My work has been in the field of engaged Buddhism. That is my own practice, which began in 1965 that formed the base for the work I was doing in the civil rights and anti-war movement.
Joan Halifax
John Brown first swam into my vision in the 1960s when I was a political activist in the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement at Chapel Hill, where I went to university.
Russell Banks
I’m a child of the ’60s, I came of age then. I went to a couple of demonstrations, and then in the late ’60s when the Vietnam anti-war movement grew as the Vietnam War was heating up, I became very involved in that.
Simi Linton
The anti-war movement should turn itself into a pro-democracy movement
Naomi Klein
‘Rage’ is the word that most often attaches itself to the Tea Party movement, and it’s true that, from the outside looking in, their public demonstrations appear to be more enraged than any political events in America since the race riots and anti-war protests of the 1960s.
Jonathan Raban
The massive anti-war movement, which I was a part of and which was a major part of my life, never stopped the war in Vietnam.
Bill Ayers
No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.
James Madison
I came at age in the ’60s, and initially my hopes and dreams were invested in politics and the movements of the time – the anti-war movement, the civil rights movement. I worked on Bobby Kennedy’s campaign for president as a teenager in California and the night he was killed.
David Talbot
Now you may like the images of long-haired hippies running in the streets throwing tear gas canisters, but we didn’t end the war. And that’s what we set out to do. What was not ended by the anti-war movement was ended by the Vietnamese. That’s our shame.
Bill Ayers
I was involved in the anti-war movement.
Bill Ayers
I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.
George McGovern
The argument of those who are being criticized at any time, the civil rights movement forward, the anti-war movement forward, is, it’s always outside agitators doing it.
Mark Shields
I wish that I had bridged the feminist movement and the anti-war movement better than I did.
Bernardine Dohrn
The day of reckoning is not just coming for Saddam Hussein. It’s coming for the anti-war movement.
Andrew Sullivan
In many ways, I have no idea what would have become of me if punk hadn’t happened, because the ’70s turned out to be so stale, and so boring, and so backward compared to what had come just before. We were too young to have fully experienced the ’60s and the fervor of the anti-war movement.
Jello Biafra
I played with English and Sociology in college but dropped out to work in the anti-war movement. I was going around denouncing the Viet Nam war as immoral but one day it dawned on me that I didn’t know what that meant. I signed up for an ethics class at San Francisco State to find out the answer.
Dale Jamieson
We’re here to let the Democrats know that the grass roots and the anti-war movement elected them to create change.
Cindy Sheehan