American Cancer Society Quotes

American Cancer Society Quotes by LL Cool J, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Roland V. Libonati, Allyson Schwartz, David Baltimore and many others.

We're going to raise a lot of money for cancer awarenes

We’re going to raise a lot of money for cancer awareness, give some to the American Cancer Society and hopefully make a big difference.
LL Cool J
The American Cancer Society tried to ruin my research foundation.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
…this charity…They quibble too much over procedures…while we seek a cure. They complain too loudly against another who, seemingly, has perfected a work that the public expects its charity dollars to do. Maybe we should investigate the American Cancer Society’s operations.
Roland V. Libonati
I applaud the American Cancer Society for all they do to eradicate smoking. Their local, state and national efforts help to discourage young people from taking up this deadly habit and the resources they provide have helped numerous smokers quit.
Allyson Schwartz
The American Cancer Society has done the American public a really great disservice.
David Baltimore