Acting And Performing Quotes

Acting And Performing Quotes by Rachele Brooke Smith, Ireland Baldwin, Gil Gerard, Eric Bogosian, Sabrina Bryan, Brett Somers and many others.

I do a lot of motivational speaking for young performer

I do a lot of motivational speaking for young performers and kids who really want to get into acting and performing. I always say, to be as versatile as possible, because you never know which skill is going to help you get a role.
Rachele Brooke Smith
Even when I get to the point where I am acting and performing, where I want to be with my career, I’m never going to think of anyone as lower than me. Everyone’s the celebrity of their own life, you know?
Ireland Baldwin
The basic answer is that I wasn’t happy or fulfilled by the job I had and I wanted my life to mean something to me, so I searched my life experience and realized that acting and performing were activities that I enjoyed all aspects of.
Gil Gerard
I write my plays to create an excuse for full-tilt acting and performing.
Eric Bogosian
I definitely want to continue acting and performing.
Sabrina Bryan
Anything that loosens you up and makes you freer is good, because that’s what acting and performing is all about – being free. It gives you a better connection to the audience.
Brett Somers
From a very young age, I was singing and acting and performing for my family.
Heather Dubrow